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This server is a blog based server where the SORBS administrators may post articles about current issues and explanations of how SORBS works.

Some of the articles present SORBS’ argument and justification for policies, others provide helpful hints and tips on how to use SORBS effectively for your protection. There are also articles related to how SORBS operates, for example many people post elsewhere about SORBS being nothing more than an extortion racket, we have written an article on whether SORBS does fall foul of the law in many jurisdictions that people should consult if they feel that SORBS is an extortion racket. Of course with all legal issues people should consult their lawyers about the article, but as a helpful tip at saving your money we posted our take and that of the lawyers we consulted 7 years ago when we decided on the policy.

Comments are open for the site, so you may as a user register and post a comment or reply, however we do moderate the comments and we will not be publishing any comments that are designed to insult SORBS, it’s staff or other users. We will consider publishing articles written by users especially if they are constructive to the prevention of spam for all.

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