We want to talk to SORBS about listings, why do you not answer our questions on mailing lists?

Jun 17 2010

This is often a point of contention with people attempting (and especially after being refused or restricted on) delisting.

The SORBS staff do not participate in many email lists, some we are there to monitor, some we will talk about general issues, others we do not participate in.

The lists we participate in are:

  • Zorch – a private and restricted membership list that participants have to be nominated then invited to. Spam and Email deliverability is discussed.
  • NANOG – an open list where network issues are discussed.
  • NZNOG – an open list where network issue are discussed.
  • UKNOF – an open list where network issues are discussed.
  • ASRG – an open list where spam blocklists are discussed.
  • Postfix-Users: an open list where the postfix mail server is discussed.
  • Patternity – where spam netblocks are reported.
  • dnsbl-users – an open list where the usage of SORBS can be discussed.

Lists which SORBS admins may or may not be monitoring but will never reply to a message:

  • Spam-L – an open list created to replace the original Spam-L that is to discuss spam.

There are also various forums and news groups (eg: news.admin.net-abuse.email – NANAE) where SORBS staff sometimes post.

SORBS Support issues are discussed in some of the forums, mailing lists, and news groups, but regardless of SORBS membership will never be resolved by discussion on such a group. A good example of this is the Spam-L list where the main SORBS admin does not participate or subscribe following a decision of the moderation team to get involved in an argument about the merits or problems of SORBS then disable the ability of SORBS staff to reply. Another example is Zorch where SORBS staff removed themselves from the list when it was found that private information discussed was repeated by some members in public forums such as Spam-L. The policy of Zorch has been and should always be that discussions on the list are not to be repeated off the list except where express (written) permission was given, the vetting of members is designed to aid in that policy, but fails from time to time due to accidental (sometimes deliberate) disclosure.

In all cases listing and delisting of IPs or networks must be discussed and approved in the SORBS Support system ( http://support.sorbs.net/ ) anyone offering advice to the contrary is not a SORBS staff member or will be removed from the staff very shortly there after.

For this reason it is a pointless exercise and waste of time to discuss these issues there.

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